Kombucha + Prosecco

I woke up this morning on my day off to a nasty cloudy sky. Shortly after, it started pouring outside. Really?! On my summer Friday when I don’t have to work? Well, after a couple hours, the clouds parted and (cue music) HERE COMES THE SUN (dunna nunna). After a few morning chores and errands, baby went down for a nap and I was in the mood for a refreshing cocktail. However, mid-afternoon drinks are very few and far between for this mama since they just put me straight to sleep. After pondering whether or not I should just risk it, it suddenly dawned on me that I had some kombucha in the fridge (my favorite natural energy drink). Along side it was a bottle of prosecco, which I always keep stocked in my house. I thought to myself, ok these can not be that bad together. I mixed part prosecco and part kombucha, and BAM! It was amazing!

Think a classy, healthy version of a Redbull and vodka. Top it off with an orange slice and you have yourself an amazing cocktail (or momosa if you would). 

You can try this with any flavor kombucha you prefer. I used the Kevita grapefruit for this one. 
P. S. This would be a great Saturday or Sunday brunch drink. 
Thanks for visiting Momosas!

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