The 48 Hour Dance Party

This past weekend I had my first girls getaway in, well…a very long time. Not to mention, it was baby free! It may have only lasted a couple days, but it was the most fun and relaxing time this mama has had since baby girl came along. Any weekend that involves refreshing cocktails over witty girl talk, all night dance parties, boat rides, and old school card games is a winner in my book. 
Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I love a party favor. Whether it be a bachelorette party, wedding, or just a simple get together, I love whipping up pretty little packages. This weekend was no different. When the ladies arrived at my family’s bay house, I kicked it off with fun-filled party bags. They were filled with mini bottles of Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosè, and Voss water. And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without dark chocolate and salt water taffy. I also threw in a nail file and hand lotion, because…why not??

We started Friday night over wine, a delicious cheese plate, and homemade shrimp tacos. 

We ended it on a not-as-fancy note with an all night (very sweaty) dance party that caused a few sore muscles and maybe a bruise or two the next day (insert old lady emoji). 
After a bit of effort trying to regain our strength, we started off Saturday with a boat ride to Tacky Jacks for lunch, which ended in a very stormy ride home. Then, the sun reemerged and it was a day of pool lounging and relaxing over kombucha cocktails. 

With my fam’s bay house being in Josephine, AL, a trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to famous Pirates Cove for some live music, cheeseburgers, and the best bushwhackers ever!  

To say the least, this was an amazing trip where we escaped from the real world, laughed till our stomachs hurt, and basically just danced for 48 hours. I was, however, so excited to get home and see this sweet face waiting for me. 

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