{Organic} Cucumber Vodka Tonic

I was originally going to post a recipe for a cucumber margarita to kick off this series. But, when I went to the store to get supplies I came upon this bottle of organic cucumber vodka and thought…hmmm maybe I can do a spiffed up version of the vodka tonic ::SPOILER ALERT:: that’s what I did. 

We already had a ton of cucumbers from our garden that needed to be used soon, and those homegrown cucs made this cocktail that much better. Not being a big vodka drinker, I was worried that I wouldn’t be a good judge in determining just how good this drink is. BUT, I looooved it! I even devised a taste panel of girlfriends and had them come over and try it out, too. They approved. This vodka is so light and the essence of cucumber makes it so good you could almost drink it by itself (kids- don’t try this at home). 

First, take your cucumber, lime and mint. Slice three pieces of cucs and a wedge of lime. 

Squeeze lime in prepared cocktail glass, then add in cucumbers and mint leaves. 

Pour vodka in and muddle all ingredients together. 

Add ice, then top of with tonic water and honey. (Love this local brand!!!)

Garnish with a lime slice and enjoy.


2 parts Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka (Effen Vodka works great too) 
4 mint leaves
3 slices cucumber
1 lime wedge (plus more for garnish) 
3 parts tonic water 
Tsp. Raw honey 

Squeeze lime wedge into rocks glass. Muddle lime with cucumber, mint and vodka. And ice. Top with tonic water. Stir in honey. Garnish with lime wedge. 
This drink pairs perfectly with a summery charcuterie board. Enjoy! 

Thanks for visiting Momosas! 


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