‘Tis the Season 

There’s just something about fall. I don’t know if it’s the weather (which, I live in Florida so we don’t see much of the changing of the leaves scene around here), the clothes, or football, but something about this season just feels like home. There’s not much that compares to drinking coffee on a Saturday morning with College Gameday on in the background. 
All of our fall traditions are starting back up and that makes for one happy mama. We may have a completely new and different routine with baby girl with us now, but that just means the start to new traditions (starting with whose team colors she will wear on Gameday). Living in a #housedivided, my husband and I typically do not watch games in the same room (or the same house) for the sake of our marriage. But, when Sunday gets here it’s NFL all day and our marriage becomes unsuspended. We cook food all day and refresh our fantasy football apps every 30 seconds. 
Some of my favorite recipes are made in the fall. And at the risk of sounding basic, HELLO PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! I hope to be sharing some these recipes here very soon. 

Well, I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy Fall! Have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks you visiting Momosas!

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