Holiday Gift Guide ::UNDER $50:: 

Every year after Christmas I say the same thing over and over again. I’m going to start my Christmas shopping super early and buy throughout the year so I’m not bombarded with a huge to-buy-for list at the last minute. And every year I’m still stuck with said list after Thanksgiving. Running around in a frenzy trying to find things that are perfect. Sure it’s easy to just pick up a gift card and call it a day. But, I’m more of a “like to put my special touch on the gift” kinda person. Holidays don’t just come with gift giving with your special someones. It is also secret Santa with your BFFs, parties and hostess gifting, and that artsy friend that you always want to give something out of the ordinary to. I have compiled a list of items (all under $50!!!!) that will satisfy a range of interests and personalities. 

1. The Hostess with the Mostest- This is the friend that is the go-to for fabulous gatherings. Whether it is a simple girl’s night in lounge clothes and a bottle of wine, or a fancy soirée in your best threads, this chick knows how to please. These items are perfect for the domestic goddess that loves to entertain. 
Marble Cheese Board 

Hand Towels 

Latte Bowls 

Confessions of a Serial Entertainer book 

2. The Fashion-Loving Babe- The girlfriend that has the chicest items in her closest and is always dressed to the nines wherever she goes. They are usually the hardest to shop for cause they typically like to pick out their own goods. The picks for this one are sure to fit into that street style struttin babe’s life. 
Vogue Coloring Book

By Boe Earrings 

Prada Coffee Mug

Power Buttons

3. The Photog/Social Media Queen- This girl can take a fierce insta photo on the first try (and usually has some fancy camera near by). 
Camera Scarf Strap 

Capture Your Style book by Aimee Song 

4. The Fancy Friend- Gold, Silver, Crystal, Diamonds, and anything shiny pleases this girl. This is the friend that will sit around and enjoy a glass of wine in her fancy crystal whether she’s alone or accompanied by 50 of her closest friends. 
Mercury Candle

Glass Decanter

Pineapple Tumbler 

Happy Shopping everyone!!!
Thanks for visiting Momosas! 

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