The Meal Prep

So, I used to never get the whole meal prep thing. I mean, how am I supposed to know what I want for lunch on a Wednesday when I’m preparing it on a Sunday? And, not to mention, it would probably get super boring eating pretty much the same thing everyday. Well, it wasn’t until recently that I understood the importance of the meal prep. Getting home from work, cooking a nice dinner, then productively preparing for the next workday is a past time of mine now. Rarely do I even sit down for dinner, much less have actual time to prepare something not only edible, but nutritious. Enter THE meal prep! Having all my lunches prepped, packaged, and ready to go has been a major game changer while playing the sanity game. I’m so obsessed with the ease that I even prep for dinner now too. Being able to get home after work and just reheat something…well, can only be described by the lovely sound of angels singing.

Now, when I started the meal prep journey I didn’t really know what to prepare. Sure, its easy to make a bunch of salads and call it a day, buuuut a lot of those ingredients do not hold up for the length of time you need them to. For example, if you sliced up an avocado it would only be good the following day. So, I needed a basic outline for just simple options. First, you need a base. This can be kale, arugula, spinach, romaine, cabbage, etc. Then, pick a grain. Stick to healthy options- quinoa, brown or jasmine rice, barley. This week I choose to make a super healthy pot of turmeric quinoa. Last, get your protein. I really like the packaged smoked salmon to throw on top. Another fave option is getting ground turkey or chicken and browning it with a little rosemary. After you have all your basics done, you can start to get a little silly. Add things like nuts, cheese, herbs, whatever healthy add-ons you like. In particular, I like to add pepitas. They are nutrient-rich and full of fiber and protein. And they add a little bit of a salty twist which is kinda my thang.

Now, my all time favorite meal prep option is one that I like to call “The Nick”. Super quick story behind that. I was at my neighbors house one day during lunch (his name is Nick in case you couldn’t figure that out) and he was preparing his meal. It was a mixture of veggies, grains, and chicken. It. Looked. Amazing. So amazing that I immediately went to the store and got all the ingredients and made it for myself. I just about make this concoction every week or other week. It is so freaking easy and healthy and there are so many ways you can change it up so you don’t get bored of the same ol thing week after week. 

First, you start by sautéing your veggies. I like to get the Eat Smart prepackaged vegetable medley and the shaved Brussels sprouts from the produce section. I sauté these in coconut oil. While that is going on, cook your quinoa/brown rice. For a super easy option, get the Seeds of Change organic brown rice and quinoa mixture that you just pop in the microwave for 90 secs. After its done, toss it in with the veggies. For this step, I tend to change it up almost every time. Sometimes I like to toss in some lemon juice and others I just Tamari sauce. You can leave it as is or mix in whatever kind of dressing you’d like. You can also throw in some browned turkey breast or chicken. Seriously, so many options with this meal. Just basic outline is sautéd veggies and whole grains.

Now, for a little added in treat. Here is my new go-to fruit salad. So easy. So yummy. So healthy. Simply throw in chopped apples, berries, lemon juice, and ground flaxseed and stir all together and ENJOY! It sounds like a weird combo, but trust me. This is aaaaaamazing!

Happy meal prepping everyone!

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One thought on “The Meal Prep

  1. Making “The Nick” next week, for sure. That does look freaking delicious : ) Thanks for the tips. Meal prep CAN get really boring without a little inspiration.


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