Cayman Islands 

A month ago Blake and I had the amazing opportunity of going to the Cayman Islands. It was pretty last minute (three weeks notice and in parentland that’s not much time to plan for). My husband won Presidents Club with his company and as a reward they sent us to the breathtakingly beautiful Kimpton Seafire Resort. Seriously, can not put into words how wonderful this place was. Wanna feel like Beyoncé for a week? This is the place to go. It is a lifestyle boutique resort. The decor, service, food, amenities, was the best I’ve ever experienced. I can only describe the style as mid-century modern Palm Springs with a touch of Studio 54 glam. One of my favorite things about the decor was all the different floors (#ihavethisthingwithfloors). This best decision we made on this trip was to take a day, rent a Jeep and drive around the island. We had no map, no destination, no idea of where we were going and it was INCREDIBLE! It is seriously something I will do on all my future vacays. We found the cutest local spots, old, abandoned buildings, and quiet beach areas all day. We found this amazing local restaurant called Tukka and the food (and cocktails 😉 ) was incredible. You always hear about the local places you should visit when you stay at a resort on an island, but for most, it’s easier to stay at the resort and enjoy the restaurants there or just go to the busy tourist areas. This place was in the middle of nowhere and we actually drove right past it before saying to each other “so that place looks bomb, should we turn around?” Best. Idea. Ever. 

The week we spent in the Caymans was one of the best. First trip post baby and it was definitely a success. Highly HIGHLY recommend the Cayman Islands if you are wanting to plan a Caribbean vacation. 

Thanks for visiting Momosas! 


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