My Favorite Way to Style a Home

I am not a reader. Never have been, and despite a lot of effort, probably never will be. I start a book and by the end of the first chapter my focus is completely gone and end up having to start from the beginning. This lack of reading love, however, hasn’t stopped me from filling my home with books. Tons and tons of books. I am a collector of beautiful covers and have them sitting all over my house. It is my absolute favorite way to decorate. Mainly because you can put them anywhere and they just kind of fit. You don’t have to have a beautifully symmetrical stack of books that all have to do with the same subject. I will stack a cookbook on top of a beautiful Chanel book any day. I love a mixture of all different colors. Maybe some bright books in with a muted, natural one. Adding a trinket to the top of your stack can also make it blend in to its surroundings, as well. I love adding a tray under any stack where I can. It adds such a feminine, homey touch. 

My favorite stack is the messy one. Just a set of books in a random place around your house. The one above is on the landing of our stairs. 

All of the above pictured books are available on Amazon

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