C O C O N U T mimosas

Let’s be serious, one can not live on frosé all summer long (debatable, I know). But this, my friends, is the coconut mimosa. And it’s coming for your summer. Besides popping the bubbly, it is the easiest, most refreshing addition to your poolside booze fest. 
Now, if you’ve read my past post about coconuts you know how much I love those tropical little angels. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that I would add coconut water to my dranks. I mean, you’re basically hydrating yourself while you get the fizzy satisfaction of the champagne. 
When I say this drink recipe is easy, I mean all you do is combine champagne with coconut water. Top it with your favorite fruit and BAM! You done. I went with blueberries and strawberries cause they fit in with the color scheme of the Fourth of July holiday (matchy matchy may not be your thang, though ☺️). Any of your favorite farmers market fruit will do. 
Now, just garnish with your fav fruit and a quirky out-of-office automatic reply and enjoy! 
Happy Fourth of July, everyone!
Thanks for visiting Momosas! 

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