minimalist summer favorites 

I have a serious love/hate relationship with summer. Hats, woven bags, simple and timeless basics are my favorite clothing pieces. However, I’m not one for scorching temperatures. This fair skinned bod and strawberry blonde locks aren’t a huge fan of sunlight. But, living at the beach in Florida I’ve learned to embrace it. 

As for my summer wardrobe, I’m a sucker for minimalist basics. Give me a white tee and some flowy linen bottoms and I’m in summer Heaven. 

These super simple (and timeless!!!) pieces are so perfect for your hot summer days and nights. 

Listed clockwise from top right: 

1. Bembien Belly Bag– Basket bags! Probably my favorite summer trend this year. When any accessory from the 80s makes a comeback I’m usually game. This bag is seriously so great! I’ve used it for casual lunches, dressy dinners, as well as a fun beach tote. It’s so inexpensive which makes it a no brainer. Basket bags aren’t your thing? It also makes a great decor piece in your home. 

2. Arthur Apparel Ramie Playsuit– Pretty sure the genius that designed this playsuit stalked my Pinterest style board and took every minimalist article I loved and created this masterpiece. The versatility of the Ramie is endless. Causal backyard BBQ? Chic beach dinner? Morning coffee date? It’s got your back for everything! 

3. Cuyana Summer Hat– I had been looking for a new summer hat for a while when I stumbled upon this one. I was wanting to stray from usual straw piece. I love the fabric of a Panama hat, but the shape of a bigger straw statement. Enter Cuyana! This hat is so light and is the perfect texture to where it’s not floppy and all up in yo face. 

4. Quay After Hours sunnies– If it wouldn’t be annoying to put 100 exclamation marks right here I would. When it comes to sunglasses I love a metal frame with a natural colored lens. But, sometimes you need to put your badass babe solid black sunnies on and go about your day. I’ve never been a huge fan of the thick solid black shade. Dainty metal frames have just suited me better. But, when I tried these puppies on I was attached! They are so perfect to add to your chic minimalist summer collection. 

Now, all of my summer favs are UNDER $100!!! 

Thanks for visiting Momosas!


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