Making a statement

My favorite outfit consist of destroyed Levi's with a white top. So in order to make these basics sing, I'm always looking for big statements. Since it's summer and I live at the beach, shoes are optional so my next go-to is earrings. I've always been one for dainty jewels, but this summer's statement trend got me! Can't get enough of the bold and the beautiful ear buds. My W I S H LIST is piling up high with swoon worthy pieces. OH- if it's mustard colored, forget it… I'm. Buying. You.


clockwise from top left
Net-A-Porter fringe wool earrings | Annie Costello Brown arc drop chandelier earrings (just bought these! Keep in mind they take about 6 weeks to arrive) | Annie Costello Brown popova disk earrings | Anthropologie faces drop earrings | Frankie Shop beaded drop earrings (sold out- but put your name ton the wait list!) | Anthropologie fran drop earrings- bought these to wear with an insane dress to an upcoming wedding. Will post dets after!

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