Latest obsession: podcasts

I recently dove into the podcast world. I’ve always heard others talk about them and friends rave about the ones they were currently into, but I never quite understood them. Sooo they are basically just audiobooks right? No. Not at all. After all the hype, I finally decided to give them a try. At first, I was just wanting to listen to something inspiring, motivational, and warming to get my mind off the struggles we were currently dealing with. I have so many self-care books, but with a full time job and a two year old, it gets difficult finding the time to sit and actually read. Alone. So I decided that listening to something other than music to and from work would be my best bet.

After just a week of my new commute routine, I was podcast obsessed! The mood it instantly put me in, the drive I suddenly had to do more, and the desire to just want to sit and listen to inspiring hosts talk about worldly things was life changing. I found myself not wanting to turn my car off once I got to work. Which soon turned into me listening to podcast at my desk and even while working in the warehouse at my office.

I love a jam session just as much as the next person, but there was something about listening to something that actually got my mind working other than music. I’m now completely hooked and have listened to several different ones. All having to do with different areas of interest.

The first podcast I started with was Dear Daughters with Susie Davis. And I must say, this was the best choice. It was this podcast that started my obsession. Her Godly advice, wisdom, and super contagious laugh had me hooked to her station all day until I finished every single episode. Susie is the spiritual mama that every girl on a godly journey yearns to have. She is from Austin, Texas and has that southern, Texan warmth about her.

In this podcast, Susie interviews authors, pastors, counselors, and young women in search of spiritual guidance. She has episodes about “Understanding Personality”, “Simplifying Hospitality”, and “Discovering Vocation”, just to name a few. She takes everyday conversations like setting the perfect table for gatherings and turns it into how it can be done in a godly, inspiring way. Give this podcast a try. I promise she will not disappoint.

My next fav is Selfie. Hilarious. Basically the main thing that comes to mind when I describe it. This podcast is hosted by two women. One is a lifestyle blogger and self-help aficionado, and the other is a writer and psychotherapist. They take a humorous look at body, spirit, and mind. Their conversations include: Why don’t I eat the way I should? How do I get enough sleep? Tackling Mom guilt, and how to cure a hangover. Every episode is not only informative, but RELATABLE! They ask the questions we are embarrassed to bring up and answer them in a real-life, yes this happens to everyone, roll on the floor laughing kind of way. They discuss how to keep up with politics, while never showing a biased opinion towards the left OR the right. Refreshing. Just two women you will yearn to be friends with. Give it a go.

And now The Simple Show. This one is hosted by world renowned author, Tsh Oxenreider. She is the creator of It focuses on working for the common good, pursing margin, and savoring the little things in life. She takes complex topics and makes them simple (hence the title). She goes from deep things like world events, to smaller things, like Netflix binges. She’s does a lot of multi part series, which I love. For example, she does a four part series on social self-care which deep dives into getting over the Instagram effect of perfect living, social media detox, and more. And another series is “Making the Most of Two Weeks Off” where she gives great travel advice and vacay recommendations for families of all sizes and kids of all ages. And how to make them meaningful. Tsh is soul warming and a great listen. Enjoy her podcast.

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