Grapefruit + Rose Cocktail

Summer is in high gear right now and the temps are even higher. Most of our weekday afternoons and all of our weekends are spent at the pool or on the beach (yes, we are some of those annoying people who live steps away from white sand and crystal clear water).

When it comes to my summer cocktail choice, I’ve been in somewhat of a rut. We had friends in town this past weekend and I was determined to stray from my usual glass of champagne or white wine with berries. However, I’m not a big liquor drinker and even less of a sugar filled cocktail girl.

We were at the store Friday morning and that’s when I came across the most beautiful bottle of grapefruit rose vodka. Just reading the label was like being sucked into a romantic novel. We already had a pitcher of water being infused with cucumbers at home cause we had already decided that would be our base. And let me tell you, the combo of these two things instantly put me in a five star spa setting relaxing in a giant Italian tile rub. IT WAS THE BEST. The drink needed a little kick, though, cause just vodka (infused or not) with water can be a little dull. That’s when our friend suggested some lime juice. So, you have grapefruit rose vodka + cucumber water + lime juice. And you have your cocktail for the summer. You’re welcome.


Equal parts Ketel One Botanicals Grapefruit Rose Vodka and cucumber water. Squeeze of lime.

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